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About Amanda Dagg Artist

STATEMENTMy paintings begin with ideas inspired by Wildflowers, meadows, and forests. Using brushes, palette knives, fingers, sponges and dripping paint on the canvas I let the painting unfold from my imagination. My distinctive signature style of thick texture is incorporated with layers of rich vibrant colours. I want the viewer to engage with my paintings. Everything is energy and I believe the tactile energy and love I put into my paintings bring joy, happiness, and a sense of immersion to the viewer.

Why and how do I paint?

When I paint, I feel my heart opens with a love of life. I am deeply inspired by nature and am passionately driven by developing uplifting paintings that are enriched with a positive and energetic vibe. Every morning I awake excited to be able to paint and cannot even imagine my life without painting.

When I work freely with a blank canvas; I am reminded that I have the ability to create something from this nothingness. As I paint, I render back to a child-like state, giving me a form of escapism from today’s fast-paced world. Inspired by a deep love of nature I begin a piece by sketching the original inspiration onto paper. Then I let myself freely dabble with colours. By the time, the artwork is in the initial stages of composition I become quite obsessed with it, even dreaming of my new creation. I do not finish until I feel my painting is talking back to me, shouting out its completeness. I love the whole process of seeing the work emerge from the raw through to its organic state. In its entirety, it fills me with an immense sense of satisfaction and relaxation. I use mixed mediums which enable me to sculpt thick texture onto the canvas allowing me to implement tactility into my paintings.

Using high-quality paints on canvas and specialising in original heavily textured paintings these paintings suit all interiors. To date, I have now sold 3000+ paintings online and through art galleries to collectors in the UK, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Rome, Greece, Malaysia, Spain and Ireland.  These hang in private homes, nightclubs, churches and restaurants. One of my clients, being a premier league football player. Many of my clients come back for more.