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About Amanda Dagg Artist


As an artist, I am inspired by the natural beauty of wildflowers, meadows, and forests. I strive to capture the essence of these landscapes in my paintings, using thick textures and vibrant colors to create a lifelike representation of the world around us. My goal is to bring joy, pleasure, and happiness to those who view my work, evoking feelings of peace and optimism that transcend the canvas. Through my art, I hope to share my love of nature and inspire others to appreciate the beauty surrounding us daily.

Each morning, I wake up with a burning desire to create, to explore new colors and textures, and to bring my unique vision to life on the canvas. Working with a blank slate is both exhilarating and humbling - it reminds me that anything is possible and that I can create something beautiful from the simplest of beginnings.

As I work, I lose myself in the process, allowing the colors and textures to guide me, speak to me, and show me the way. I become completely immersed in the work, dreaming about it, obsessing over every detail until the painting is complete until it speaks to me with a voice all its own.

Through my use of mixed media and thick, tactile textures, I aim to capture the essence of nature's beauty and to share it with the world. My art is a celebration of life, an expression of my deep love for the natural world, and a reminder that beauty can be found everywhere - if we only take the time to look for it.

"Experience the allure of heavily textured and original art, crafted with high-quality paints on canvas, that adorns the walls of private homes, nightclubs, churches, and restaurants across the globe, including those of a premier league football player, in over twenty countries - welcome to my world of art."


Amanda has always loved painting, but she took her passion full-time in 2003

Prints are available via FineartAmerica.

Canvas prints, Framed Prints, Metal prints, wood prints and Tapestries
Pillows, Bags, Notebooks, Mugs and Jigsaw Puzzles
These are printed on demand. Please note these will not be signed prints.

As of the Summer of 2022, I’ve started studying oil paints. I live in a much dryer environment than Wales Acrylics dry in seconds rather than minutes. I feel now is a great time to work with oil paints. I’m also working on a sketchbook of ideas from local vineyards, snow-capped mountains, fauna, flora, and wildlife. 

However, in the Summer of 2022, Amanda became ill with a rare autoimmune condition, and, as of April 2023 she is feeling better and is back starting to paint.

I grew up in a town in South Wales, UK Bridgend. I had some great art teachers in school that believed in me. Having somebody believe in you as a child can have a substantial positive impact on growing up. A family friend was an amateur artist at 10; I started learning to paint. He loved palette knives and taught me to paint with these and no-use brushes. This is where my passion for tactile paintings stems from.

No, she doesn't at the moment. It is something I am considering doing in the future.

Amanda has a blog post explaining how long it takes to paint a painting.