I've been able to spend longer working on my website, which should be functioning well. I'm also doing commission paintings, and I don't have a waiting list at the moment, so now's a good time to order one.

I hope everyone is enjoying a colourful Autumn


This is me in a wheelchair. I'm feeling grateful because it's the first day out, after months of being bedbound and I'm surrounded by beautiful autumn trees.


You might be wondering why I've not posted here for a long time.

I've been very unwell with a rare autoimmune disease called Reactive Arthritis.

I became ill while on holidays during August. One day I was white water rafting in glacial water, tree-top climbing, running on the beach to suddenly requiring 24hr care. With several joints inflamed, unable to stand, chew food, or write. In 5 weeks I rapidly lost over 3st (45lbs.)

As a type A personality always on the go this 'immobilization' was initially hard to come to terms with but I'm at peace with this disease.

I know in my heart I'm going to go into remission.

Even though I'm in pain. I'm getting good days and I feel grateful to be alive.

Although I am unable to paint. I have paintings available on my website.

My partner will take care of the logistics of packing etc

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