Before I sold my paintings online. I use to sell books and sell hats for a local business. Although the books were easier to pack the hats were a challenge, but they all gave me to experience before launching my art career online 20 years ago. 

When it came to packing and shipping my canvas artwork, I quickly realised that the more I spent on high-quality cardboard and other premium packing supplies the damage rate just dropped dramatically. I'd watched many a courier throw parcel boxes in their vans so I knew they had to be strong enough to withstand heavy knocks. When I planning on moving to Canada packing supplies was at the top of my list.

GRATITUDE:  When I was younger and starting out I was frustrated packing. I didn't enjoy it. I wanted to paint!! But I knew I had to change my thoughts. Packing paintings is an intricate part of my business.  I changed my thoughts of frustration to Gratitude.  Every painting I pack I send thanks to the person/company that purchased the painting. I smile when I pack them because I feel joy for the new owner.  It's great I changed my way of thinking because I've shipped well over 3000 paintings to over 20 countries in these last 20 years!

THE PACKAGING PROCESSES: Each painting will be covered in acid-free tissue paper. Then a layer of thick bubble wrap. Covered with an extra heavy-duty strong premium custom made box. The cardboard I use is strong enough to withstand 275lbs of pressure. It takes about 30 - 45 mins to pack each painting.