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Choosing the Perfect Painting

Choosing the right painting for your blank wall can be a challenge.

You might know what colour you'd like and because your favourite flower is a rose you could narrow your choice down.

Or you might feel you have not got the creativity in you in pick your perfect painting and you don't want to end up with a painting that disappears among your floral flock wallpaper. 

Or you might be feeling overwhelmed and be spoiled for choice.


Well I am hear to help


I receive frequent emails from people not sure which painting to buy?

Or what size would look OK on their huge bare wall or small alcove.


For example above is a room which appears quite busy there is a lot going on with contrasting colours stripes.

What the room needs is a painting which sticks with the current theme of colours and the stripes, but by adding a curvy wavy abstract it create flow to the room and really finishes the room of beautifully.

 How about emailing me a photo of your room and a painting you like and I'll use photo editing software to incorporate the painting on your wall? I'd love to help. more info