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Graceful Bluebells

Graceful Bluebells
Graceful Bluebells
  • Model: 2206

Original painting of bluebells flowers. 

Inspired by those warm spring days when the Bluebells carpet the forests. 

Graceful Bluebells is hand painted on a deep edge canvas with thick layers of paint, the sides are painting and it's ready to hang straight from parcel box to wall.

  • Size: 24" wide  ×  24" high  × 1.5"  (60 x 60 x 4cm)
  • Signed 
  • Varnished
  • With signed Certificate of Authenticity 

If you'd like to see more photos or have any questions please send me a message 

British bluebells, a mesmerizing spectacle of nature, paint the woods in an enchanting hue of blue each spring. Their delicate, bell-shaped blossoms, half-hidden beneath a green canvas of leaves, sway gently in the whispering wind, casting a spell of tranquillity. The sweet, captivating scent that they emit fills the air, adding to the allure of the woodland. Enthralling carpets of bluebells, under the dappled sunlight piercing through the canopy, are a symbol of the UK's ancient woodlands, a timeless beauty unscathed by the passing years. Truly, the sight of British bluebells is a charm that softens the heart and soothes the soul.