I was asked a great question on my Facebook page by Swe Win

How Long did it take to be finished?

During typing my reply I realized it was turning into such a long answer that I'd be better off posting it as a blog post instead.

As you know I love painting thick texture on my paintings and have been doing this for nearly 20 years. Over those years I've tended to work on a few paintings at once. When painting I experience a creative flow and I express that with the paint on canvas.  I require some layers to dry before I can proceed, so rather than stand, watching and waiting for it to dry I grab another canvas and start working on that. Then when that also needs time to dry I go back to the other painting I also might get some sketches done. What I've learned over the years is it is important to continue when those creative juices flow. Time disappears and it almost feels like I'm just a channel for the painting.

I've never actually timed myself and this is because I might have an idea to start a painting and over the days keep laying paint and then I believe it to be finished. My next step is to then place the painting somewhere so I can view it daily and I frequently look at it. Usually, it is finished but sometimes my instincts tell me it isn't. Sometimes I'm quick to figure that out and I add a few extra touches and it's done. Sometimes it might take a month or so and all of a sudden an idea comes and I get my brushes out and add what is missing. That something can be a little flower or a longer stem of grass. On occasions, it can be to add many more flowers or a moon and some trees.  Once my instincts tell me it's done then it is time to share it online.

So as you can see it is impossible to time. I've had paintings take over a year. I've had painting take a few days. I don't log in when it is started or ended I go with the flow.

This particular painting Springtime Smile  I started a month ago at the beginning of  March in anticipation of Spring. I go on regular nature walks and love seeing signs of spring. Birds flying with twigs. Tiny buds of blossom and the early spring flowers.  Spring always makes me happy and every time I looked at this picture I noticed it was bringing me to a smile :)Hence it's name