I want to give a quick update on my health.

I'm starting to feel much better.

Although progress is slow I'm so happy to be having more good days than bad.

Words cannot describe how immensely grateful I am for all the caring, love, kindness and supportive messages and comments from you all.


I painted this painting last year. is called 'Happy Butterfly'

Although I'm nowhere near 100% better, this painting sums up how I feel right now. It's so easy to get caught up in victim thoughts and to feel sorry for ourselves. But shifting that energy to joy has a profound effect on our well being. It lifts our spirits and releases our burdens so we become light like a butterfly fluttering above the flowers.

I have a choice, and I choose happiness. 

I hope with the busyness of the run-up to Christmas you can get some quiet time to reflect this week.

Original facebook post

Happy Butterfly


Painting on canvas