My favourite place to be! Inside the studio

I'm grateful to have such a big studio to work from

My main Room

The main room is my painting room. It has lots of windows and natural light which I prefer while I paint. This room is where I can paint freely without worrying about accidentally dripping or splashing paint anywhere. Many of my painting are painted with thick layers of paint which can take days to dry so it’s imperative I've several shelves to allow them to dry. I like to listen to audio books, podcasts, music or just simply paint with a window open listening to birds singing in the garden.

The Packing Room

This is where I store my artwork and pack paintings. I've a large table in the room which I use for packing. And shelves storing completed paintings. When I first set the studio up 5 years ago, I decided I'd keep all paint out of this room. However, one day I didn't listen to myself, while struggling to open a tube of paint. I decided a tool from the packing room might help unblock it. Frustratingly I pressed firmly while walking into the packing room and you guessed it the paint unblocked itself and with the pressure built up, it squirted across the room. Luckily it missed my paintings, but I've never done it again!

The Storage Room

This third room is a cellar. This is where I store big rolls of bubble wrap and large sheets of heavy-duty cardboard for packing. These bulky items take up lots of room so it's great to have the space out the