Every now and again I like to reset the view count on my website and this year before I do it, I’d thought I would share what my top 10 most viewed paintings.

These paintings attach traffic to my website many years after they sold. Via google image search, Pinterest Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

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10) Pearl Poppy Dance

This was painted in July 2015.
I love the colour duck egg blue and so must a lot of people as you will see this a running theme throughout my top ten

9) Duck Egg Blue Poppies

 Painted April 2010



8) Cherry Blossom Tree


Painted Feb 2014 very fitting with this time of year as we head into spring.


7) Duck Egg Butterfly Dance


Painted March 2015

6) Caramel Poppies

Painted Jan 2016

5) Red Summer Poppies

Painted March 2016

4) Joyous Poppy Dance

Painted June 2016


3) Joyful Spring Flowers

Painted March 2016 with over 7K in views

Most of these top 10 were painted in March.  March is a beautiful time for me.  I love coming out of winter and seeing spring flowers is just wonderful



2) Duck Egg Blue Poppies



This painting always reached the top-most viewed since I painted it nearly 10 years ago. I’ve painted a few similar commissions based on this painting.

Painted March 2012

With over 7K in views


1) Blue Poppy Savanna


I choose blue as a watery calm to balance everything that was going on at the time.

I remember painting this outside in Pontardawe, Wales UK. It was one of those warm early spring days. At the time in my career I had lots going  with new exciting  opportunities galleries buying my work, a TV requesting painting for their program and up and coming exhibition. At the time I was helping out in a community gallery and community art group.

Painted March 2014 with over 8000 views

I hope you enjoyed viewing these Dagg original painting.

I'd love to know which is your favourite from the top 10 ?  :)