In the 19th century, the heart symbol has been frequently used as a symbol of love on Valentines Day
Weather in the form of greeting cards, chocolates and chocolate boxes as a sign of affection and love.
What I love to do is to paint hearts on canvases. Which I've been doing for a few years now. 
It can a busy time for me when lots of my heart paintings as purchased as romantic gifts for Valentines day. 
Here are a collection of heart paintings.

"Heart of Gold" available from  my shop


"Red Passion" available from my shop

"Heart Awakening" available from my shop 

"Grateful" available from website

"Treasured Heart" available on website

"Vibration" available from Queen Street Gallery 

"Cherished" available from Queen Street Gallery
Also available as a Limited edition print from my website

"Blue Heart" available from Queen Street Gallery