This spring I had the pleasure of painting three commission paintings for this newly built home in Saskatchewan. My client Terrie had visited my studio earlier in the year and fell in love with my paintings.

Terrie had a very good idea of what she wanted. A large teal abstract painting, a teal tree painting, and a green daisy heart painting for her bedroom.

Below are the before and after photos and feedback from the client.

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Hi Amanda, The painting arrived just perfect.. The Tree of Hope is gorgeous and I cannot stop staring at it. Totally in love with the painting and makes me so happy. I cannot express enough how stunning the colours are and all the layers of paint. Also, the bottom of the picture matches our ledge perfectly. The painting also goes lovely with the Large Teal painting also. I am so proud to be a collector of your art and so happy you signed it.

Hi Amanda, My painting is absolutely stunning in our space. I can’t thank you enough, it fits into our home perfectly. Thank you

"Hi Amanda,The painting arrived this afternoon in perfect condition. Wrapped very well. The colours are so beautiful and looks so elegant in our space. We couldn’t be much happier as the painting is everything I dreamed about....I will send you a picture of the painting which we have hung already."